Tuesday, February 5, 2013

music monday #4

1. Kill Your Heroes - AWOLNATION

"Well he said one thing before I graduate, never let your fear decide your fate."

2. Otherside - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Okay, let's just take a second here. Did you know that Macklemore has written more songs than Thrift Shop? Wait, what?! 

This song is incredible. Seriously listen to the words. They spell out the reality of drugs and  the world of hip-hop. Addiction. Pain. Relapse. 

And plus, look at the breathtaking setting of the video. Beautiful.

3. Let Her Go - Passenger

One of the opening acts for Ed Sheeran, Passenger came out, and within ten seconds of the beginning of his set, I said to my friends, "This guy is good." I was memorized. 


4. Girls Like You - The Naked & Famous

"Don't you know people write songs bout girls like you."

5. Save You Tonight - One Direction

Okay, don't judge me, but One Direction is my guiltiest pleasure of all time. Like ever. I just can't resist. 

So this song, all I wanna do is scream/sing it out, all day long, like "IIIIIIII I WANNA SAVE YA, WANNA SAVE YOUR HEART TONIIIGGGHHHTTTT"

Short and sweet.

taylor :]

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