Sunday, July 29, 2012

PostSecret sundays

Hi there, blogger world.

I've been gone for the past week at church camp (which was the best ever, by the way. Post about it to come soon).

I love sundays. 

One of the many reasons I do is because I get to read a new batch of secrets from PostSecret. (And if you don't already know about PostSecret, read about how it came to be here.) Actually, most of the time I rush to my computer on saturday night and read them, as I live on the west coast so for me they are posted at 9 pm.

I especially like the postcards from this week, so I thought I'd share a few..

I love this secret because it reminds me of my little brother, Jacob. Jacob is eight years old and he's adopted. I honestly can't imagine my life without him. Yeah, we fight a lot, but I love him nonetheless. It doesn't matter that he isn't biologically my mother's, he was just meant to be apart of our family <3

The backside of this postcard reads, "The only time I've EVER cried in THERAPY was when I was MOVING away from my THERAPIST. I could not express my thanks.

I see a psychologist, and getting professional help is nothing to be ashamed of. My psychologist is wonderful, and I really connect with her. I feel as though I can tell her things I can't tell even my closest friends, and I might cry too if I found out I couldn't see her anymore. I can definitely relate to this secret.

I have certain artists and songs that don't remind me of someone who has died, but rather my ex-boyfriend. Sometimes it makes it very difficult to listen to my favorite music without bringing up both pleasant and unpleasant memories. 

This one kind of saddens me. I know what it's like to be on both sides of this secret. I think it's easier for us as humans to tell others that they are beautiful the way they are than to accept it ourselves. What's easy is focusing on the parts of ourselves we hate, be it physically, mentally, etc. Coming to terms and loving the way we are is probably one of the hardest endeavors one can face.

Ending on a lighter note:

This just makes me happy :) That's all.

taylor :]

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