Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Music Monday #2

Yesterday I was super busy, so lets just pretend that today is in fact monday ;)

1. Electric Feel - MGMT

I just love MGMT's vibe, ya know? Very summer-y, blasting through the speakers kind of thing. 

The chorus is incredibly intoxicating, how can you resist?! "Said ooh girl, shock me like an electric eel. Baby girl, turn me on with your electric feel." 

Now the video is a little trippy. No doubt MGMT is on some sort of drug when they write songs or come up with the music videos. Either way, awesome song.

2. Brackett, W9 - Bon Iver
Okay, okay. I know I posted a song by Bon Iver the last Music Monday, but I just can't help myself. They just give me goose bumps! Especially this song. Oh my goodness. This comes from the Dark Was the Night album, a wonderful cause in raising awareness for HIV/AIDS. There are some pretty fantastic collaborations and perhaps some of the greatest alternative/indie artist represented on there. I encourage you to take a listen.
3. Comptine D'un Autre Été: L’après Midi - Yann Tiersen A breathtakingly beautiful song. Sometimes music is more beautiful without lyrics, and I believe that this is the case with this song by Yann Tiersen. I really need to pick up on my french again, but I could translate most of the title: Rhyme of Another Summer - Afternoon. Yann does the majority of the music from the soundtrack of which this song is found, Amélie. I have yet to see the film, but I'm told that it's equally has beautiful as the song.  I chose this video (which my friend used to introduce me to this song) from youtube because I think the animation adds a wonderful element to the song. I think that the interpretation is quite lovely. Just watch:
4. Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love) - Conal Fowkes I recently watched Midnight in Paris again, and I think every time I do, I fall more in love with Paris. Such a magnificent film. Oh Woody Allen, you just get me.  Anyways, this song always stood out to me when watching the movie. I like the idea that falling in love is a choice, or perhaps this is the response from a lover that is already head over heals. And I adore the utter simplicity of this tune :)  "Birds to it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it, let's fall in love." <3
5. Lua - Conor Oberst & Gillian Welch  Ohmygoodess. Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes and Gillian Welch - best collaboration ever? I think yes. Another pick from the Dark Was the Night album, forgive me, but I couldn't resist.  I love love love Conor Oberst. He's simply fantastic. That ever-so recognizable voice as the lead singer from Bright Eyes. His voice just makes me happy :)
Those are my picks for the week, hope you liked them! heart, taylor :]

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