Monday, August 27, 2012

busy + big plans

Hello there, blogger-verse.

Its been a while, no? Maybe a little too long.

Life has been crazy busy. I don't remember the last time in all this summer haze that I've been so busy. I started a new job last week, which had/has me working from 2 - 10:30 PM everyday. Well, okay, everyday isn't completely true. Last week it started off as 8:30, but that changed after the first or second day. Plus I was let off early once or twice. But at least that's what it's supposed to be, 10:30.

This week I work monday/tuesday 'til 10:30, day off on wednesday, and 8:30 on thursday/friday. What is it that I do, you may be asking. I am a Keelber elf. Sort of. I make gingerbread houses all day long. 

Not too fond of my new job, to be honest. Working in a 80 degree+ bakery for about 8 hours every (week) day is exactly what it sounds like: hot, sweaty, and gingerbread-y. While my new co-workers and friends get to "slave" in the room next door, assembly. They have the grueling job of folding/taping boxes, putting kits together and in the boxes, shrink-wrapping, and playing with, I mean, cutting bubble wrap. Thankfully, however, that will soon be my job. Let me explain.

Friday night the batches of dough we (me and my new friend/co-worker Katie) were making wasn't satisfactory. But you see, Katie has been working over at Gingerbread Traditions for quite some time now, at least since last summer. So, apparently I was the problem in this little equation. The day before I was told that I wasn't mixing correctly, which affected the dough, so then I switched back to measuring out the ingredients, but still, it just wasn't working out. My boss told me, in the nicest way possible, of course, that I basically suck at my job. That was pretty awkward. And a bit surprising too, I thought I was doing pretty well considering the lack of training I had received! But oh well. Now I get to work in the heavily air-conditioned and much more fun room! 

Although I feel really bad for Kendall, whom I switched positions with. At the same time, she's only committed to working for two weeks, and the first week is already over. So it's her last week, but still, it wasn't really a voluntary thing, and I feel kind of terrible that she has to endure through the crappy room. 

Either way, I'm hoping that this will be my last week as well. I have neither confirmed nor denied whether or not I'll be working during the school year officially to my boss, but as of now I'm leaning towards a 'no.' Except I can't say anything until I find another job. Luckily, I've already found two other ones to apply for as replacement. Thank you, Craigslist! 

Overall, work has been consuming my life. At least I get paid, though! Even with all the stupid taxes. My gosh, I hate the government right now for taking my hard earned flippin' cash! And I mean, I've already spent my paycheck (in my mind) on the following things: a new iPod Touch (which I need desperately, not exaggerating at all), Photoshop Elements, concert tickets, and maybe a new camera. 

That's all up in the air right now, though, so we'll see what happens.

As for now, I'll continue my sweatshop of a job and avoiding the reality that is senior year. Ugh.

Wish me luck?

taylor :]

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